Deep-Fried Lobster Tails or Meat Medallions Recipe (Cayman Style)

Prep and Cook time: 25 mins


2lbs lobster tail meat

1 1/2 cups of cornmeal

1/2 cup of white flour.

1 tsp of PAPRIKA

2 tsp of onion powder / or garlic powder.

1 tsp of Cayenne Pepper (use more if you like the heat)

Vegetable oil for deep fry

Salt and Pepper to taste

2 or 3 limes or lemons

For a thicker wet batter for more crunch

1 egg beaten

Club Soda  (add enough to make a wet sticky batter)



Now, this can be done 2 ways for presentation either in the shell or out

  1. Clean thawed lobster tails with keeping meat in the shell and remove the membrane and cut down the middle and set aside OR cut tails in half top and bottom with culinary scissors or a sharp knife, pull out the meat. Both methods need to wash in salted water or limewater and set aside
  2. Cut tail meat into 1-2 inch chunks
  3. Mix Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Salt, Black pepper, White Flour, and Cornmeal in a large 1-gallon zip-lock bag and shake well OR if making a wet batter, add all ingredients and a beaten egg, desired Club Soda to a mixing bowl and stir
  4. Heat enough vegetable oil in a deep-fryer or large skillet to 365 degrees F (180 degrees C)
  5. Squeeze lemon or lime juice over lobster before placing in flour seasoning(optional)
  6. Place one coated lobster tail in the shell or meat at a time into the oil. Cook until the lobster turns white and the coating is lightly browned.
  7. For the tails in the shell, I would recommend 3-4 minutes
  8. For the lobster chunks 2-3 mins
  9. Remove and place tails or meat on a paper towel to dry


  • Recommended dipping sauces: Drawn melted butter, more lime or lemon juice or Jerk Sauce or Jerk Mayo, Hot sauce or your favorite BBQ sauce
  • Serve with rice and peas, French Fries, Sweet corn on the cob, Mash Potato, Baked Potato or Mac and Cheese, Mix green salad…
  • The large plate is 16 oz of tail meat with sides ORCI$20 a pound prepared just Lobster meat




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